Intentional Christians

Decisive, Determined, Deliberate

There are many useful tools one may employ as they intentionally set their minds to a deeper study God's word. One of those tools that I have personally found extremely useful is in setting out to hand copy the Bible.

Listening to a recording of the Bible is useful as it engages our hearing. It can be a welcome relief to listening to other things on the radio as you are traveling around or exercising.

Reading God's word aloud is extremely useful as it engages both sight and sound. By engaging the sense of sight, you will discover things that might not have simply by listening.

By writing God's word as you read aloud, you engage the sense of touch as you feel the words form on the paper beneath your pen. This takes more time as you focus on every single word that you see, say and hear.

Consider a couple of recommendations as you set off on this journey…
Pace yourself. Using the plans you will find linked below, you will see the path that I have set upon and recognize that it is a multi-year commitment. But, I believe it is worth it.

Engage the support of friends and brethren. Encourage others to join you on this process and in turn you can help each other stay focused and committed.

Invest in the process. Purchase a high quality pen (I use a couple of nice fountain pens). Also, purchase some high quality, heavy weight, paper. Set these things aside at your writing table and use them exclusively for this task.

4. And most importantly,
Pray. Talk to God, as your read His words through which He communicates with you.